Cost running dating website

The Digital Pro theme from Studio Press, for example, runs .95.You can choose from scores of others at a similar price as well. There are plenty of free options out there for security plugins — but you install (and trust) these plugins at your own risk.You can also go with one of Word’s step-up plans: Premium or Business, which both include a domain.Premium gives you extra space and some design customization options, while the Business plan offers 150 premium themes plus unlimited storage.Let’s analyze the real costs of each of the options above.If you run your site on Word, you receive a basic level of shared hosting for free.There is, of course, a cost associated with it though.

In the case of a catastrophic hacking or data loss event, these are essential to have.A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is a time-tested model of cost assessment for important business acquisitions that has been used in the IT world since the early days of computers.In IT, as with vehicles and other complex goods, total cost can vary greatly from purchase price.You understand — like we do — that the true cost of running Word Press is far from “free.” So, what is the true cost?And how can you minimize the total cost of Word Press ownership while maximizing its potential to manage the online content that drives your business? To use Word Press as a tool for building a business, online or off, it needs to be viewed not as “free blogging software,” but as a legitimate business acquisition.With any of those three options, you won’t have to worry about any security costs because Automattic, the company behind Word, will manage that for you.

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