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For those of you that didn't attend "Elements of Fire", Canada's first poetry performance festival held at the Jubilee Centre in Sudbury last October, this was your second chance to experience some great "poetry performance".

If you aren't familiar with it already, poetry performance isn't anything like the usual style of poetry heading.

The EAC's ultimate goal, however, for this (multimedia) con- ference was also to, might I quote, "thrust open the barriers which in- hibit students from experimenting with alternative mediums of expres- sion and communication, in hopes that these creative forms may pen- etrate into the academic norms." And to their credit, there was certainly some (rather self-in- dulgent) "thrusting" going on during this conference — performers, stu- dents, and professors shamelessly enjoying themselves.

I don't know where the EAC scraped-up these "creative" people because they were spreading a pret^ potent virus around campus last Friday.

Some believe that poetry performance is a 1990's fad.Andforallofyouwhocouldn't make it — because it was held (rather inconveniently) on two important weekly pub nights (and so it hap- pened) on a gorgeous Friday after- noon in late March — blllppthhs! It has been the EAC's (Eng- lish Arts Club's) goal this year to create a bridge between the univer- sity and the Sudbury Arts Commu- nity.To this end, the EAC's confer- ence was intended to expose the di- verse spectrum of creative talents in our community, as well as giving students a chance to share their own literary, academic, and artistic pas- sions. elib=19028 Click to purchase paper as a non-member or login as an AES member.If your company or school subscribes to the E-Library then switch to the institutional version.Anybody who wishes to find his Trans mate, can easily join a website, create a profile, search for partners, view member pictures and contact and eventually meet them.

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