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In this act, we drop the whole belly of crap on the communal altar and perform an extispicy - the an- cient ritual act of sorting through fresh excrement for portents.

To- gether with the audience, we extract prophetic knowledge from the verbal dung heap. In the end there should be nothing left of it but what is con- stantly being recreated inourminds." You might question their sanity (or your own sanity), but there is little argument about their per- formance ability.

I'm warning you, I'm infected and determined to give you a lick of what I mean.

I'll begin with the Multime- dia Gala Performance which took place in the Fraser Auditorium Fri- day evening.

Along with text, it can involve interpretive and improvisational movement, speech, and visual display.

Some believe that poetry performance is a 1990's fad.

These services include personal ads of all types of singles from the transgender community: FTM, MTF, crossdressers, drag queens & kings – you name it.

This online niche is pretty small and not as developed as other LGBT sectors.

The number of paid or free transexual dating sites is pretty small, but it will probably increase with time.

It was obvious that the effect was not at all disappointing to his audience.

Following Nash was Patricia Wynter, a guest performer brought in from Thessalon for the conference whose expertise lies in the field of creative movement.

From Nash's deep toned and rhyth- mic enunciation of this mix-match- hodge-podge of words, bits of words, and non-words, his cricket seems quite serious about what he is say ing!

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