Company of heroes validating media


Moviegoers, for now, will simply have to trust in Feige.

Luckily for Marvel obsessives, the 44-year-old studio executive is one of them. It’s not that he’s told the story too often—Feige rarely talks about himself in interviews—he just finds his own journey deeply uninteresting.

After a decade of unprecedented success, Marvel Studios is at a pivotal moment: the looming farewell to some of its founding superheroes, and the rise of a new generation.

Kevin Feige, the creative force behind the billion franchise and a slew of Marvel stars, discusses its precarious beginnings, stumbles, and ever-expanding empire.

Other studios, most notably Warner Bros., with the Justice League, have tried to create their own web of interconnected characters.

“Some people were giving last rites” to the genre, Favreau said. Borrowing money by offering up film rights to its biggest characters as collateral and tirelessly pitching the idea to skeptical foreign buyers, Feige and Arad finally hired three directors to make movies for Marvel Studios: Favreau for premiered to rave reviews and a huge box office in 2008, giving Marvel the financial cushion and industry credibility it needed to forge on with its strategy. Not wanting to deal with the infrastructure that comes with launching a major franchise, Arad stepped down before the first Marvel’s run as an indie studio didn’t last long.Feige would challenge visitors to find the smallest figure in the scrum.Feige said he had long believed in the storytelling potential of weaving together Marvel’s superheroes and plots—in essence bringing that Marvel-universe poster to life.Meanwhile, as the ranks of Marvel Studios swelled beyond a skeletal operation, its C. The Walt Disney Company had been looking for a producer of “tentpole” films that could expand its audiences beyond family-friendly fare and the girl-centric princess line.Marvel, with its built-in audience of young men, fit the bill, and Disney acquired the company in 2009 for billion. ” moment for Feige, who spent annual childhood vacations at Disney theme parks.)Even with Disney’s deep pockets, Marvel continued to run a lean operation.Up until four years ago, Feige operated out of a series of unassuming offices—one shared with a kite company in West Los Angeles, one above a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Beverly Hills, and one Manhattan Beach office that, even after the success of director James Gunn remembers.

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