Chrome no longer updating

However what if you use a website that is'nt ready for the latest version, what if the new version of the browser has issues?

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I remember it was saving this earlier but somehow it is not and I am not sure what has caused this. Thanks EDIT - no sites are in the "do not saved password" list and you'll need to click the link to show advanced settings.If all else fails, re-installing Chrome couldn't hurt.I had "Enable Autofill" and "Offer to save passwords" checked. What fixed it for me was resetting my settings to the default (there is a button on the bottom of the Settings page, in the advanced section).Hello, As of a couple weeks ago, I can still use Chrome to access all flash content without any problem.However, it suddenly stops working, and I cannot pinpoint any particular problem that caused this.However with the Chrome OS very few tools are provided to work with files local to the system.

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