Chinese pop star dating 12 year old


Luhan's first digital album Reloaded I was released on September 10, 2015 via QQ Music charts.

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Lu Han released his solo debut album, Reloaded in 2015; and has starred in several box office hits such as 20 Once Again (2015), The Witness (2015) and Time Raiders (2016).

This is also Djemba's first time producing an album for an Asian artist.

The same month, he collaborated with David Tao in a bidding song for the 2022 Winter Olympics held in Beijing.

Reloaded I also reached over one million sales on QQ Music, setting the record for fastest digital album sales.

In November, he released the single "Medals", which also serves as the soundtrack for the 2015 film The Witness.

The music video of the song surpassed 1 million views in 47 minutes, setting a new record.

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