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Any deviations from actions that are in her best interests, will be met with extreme disappointment, discipline and punishment to steer her back on the right course.

One thing I'm really into is pictures (not photos, but drawings) done especially for me, so that I can put them on my fridge to look at.

I would expect my Little to be respectful in public and understand that many people may not understand the dynamics of our relationship that we share together, and remember I am her Daddy and any gestures of disapproval must be adhered to at all times and more serious consequences may be waiting for her when we get home.

Although demonstrations of excellent behaviour will not go unrewarded with little treats.

and if not, depending on the reason, there MAY be consequences.

Obviously t I have strict guidelines and rules to help a little stay on the correct path in life, that will help her grow as a person and make her the best she can be.

A 'little' bit more about myself, I enjoy setting tasks to be done by a little that I feel are in her best interests, this could be saying morning to 5 strangers while walking down the street, tidying her room or eating the right types of food for her dinner.

I'm a big one for obedience and honesty so I may even ask for proof the a task was completed satisfactorily...

And am looking for my first real life Little, have had a couple of years online experience, but feel that something is still missing...

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I live in England in a town called Northampton and am ideally looking for someone who lives close by (seem to keep getting Littles from the US trying to chat to me ).

So if you think I'm the type of DD you're looking for and you'd like to have a chat to see if we'd get on, my Kik name is keymonkey82 and if you have any questions, I'm open and honest, so feel free to ask me anything at all.

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