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This triple conjunction asks, Part of the mountain is made of garbage and we are now at the brink of deciding what is rubbish and what is not.With the help of Pluto as it moves slowly through Capricorn and will begin to square Uranus over the next year, the changes we are ready to stand up for are coming.I find it funny how many different ways there are to type a smiley face. In today's issue of the Baltimore Sun, an article was published on Towson President Robert Caret.They would carry Lithuanian language books from village to village, risking their lives, so the children could continue to learn to read in their native language.The biodiversity, of this planet is what remains under threat under this triple conjunction.The triple wammy, expands these themes in human consciousness , a focus on the importance of spreading truth knowledge and re-learning what we know about what's really happening out there.

Of course swine flu, growing everyday with more and more cases, scares the shit out of us, and it wouldn't be a surprise to learn that perhaps it's a WHO tactic, a world organization controlling the masses by breeding fear into them, again.In Australia we are experiencing the same unification principle with our native indigenous folk, who are being rounded up in the outback to live in larger communities, destroying their uniqueness along the way, a culture and their elders being ignored as to what's best for them and their people.As this conjunction brings with it the idea of healing and being healed, healing the planet and everything about it, it also alarms us to what still is happening in so many destructive ways, to try and mould and direct us all, it's more economical, but for who? Chiron reminds us of the difficult task ahead, how much has cut too deep to perhaps ever repair.What a thought, sometimes it seems as though the powers that be could and would try anything to try and bring us under control, but as this triple conjunction of planets reflects a world needing to stay on track, working and thinking together about the future, we are reminded to keep a sense of hope for the individual, freedom of speech, action and self expression to guide us on our merry way.As we stick together with like minded groups that make us feel connected in the big wide world, we can only hope that the future is being built by continuing to stand up for what we believe in.Chiron and Jupiter together remind us , to seek truth and habour wisdom, to teach what's important, to breed heroes and individuals, people that make a difference in the world, not sheep, blind and ignorant in their existence.

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