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As many of us connect via the internet, via facebook, twitter, myspace etc, read each others blogs, share everything we possibly can or want to, whilst feeling somewhat better connected to the world and the growing power of online communities and networking, there lurks in there as well the feeling of being even more disconnected that ever.

The signatures of Neptune in Aquarius, a world built on the net, available everywhere seeping through our lives, but keeping us all at megabyte lengths from each other,known by avatars not faces.

They would carry Lithuanian language books from village to village, risking their lives, so the children could continue to learn to read in their native language.

The biodiversity, of this planet is what remains under threat under this triple conjunction.

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The more we feel we progress in the world, helping and caring for each other, raising money, feeding poverty, fighting for a cause, demonstrating etc etc etc, we are constantly reminded of how much still does not change, is beyond our influence, leaving many of us feeling hopeless, depressed and mentally unable to cope with what the future holds for ourselves and the rest of humanity.Instead, we freak out when our internet's not working, or our mobiles are switched off , go for a walk, smell real roses, look at the real world, not a screen for a change.We are also reminded of the incredible power of creatively, art and music to tell a story, speak to thousands, keep us in wonder and awe, and the power of the individual to speak to the collective.What a thought, sometimes it seems as though the powers that be could and would try anything to try and bring us under control, but as this triple conjunction of planets reflects a world needing to stay on track, working and thinking together about the future, we are reminded to keep a sense of hope for the individual, freedom of speech, action and self expression to guide us on our merry way.As we stick together with like minded groups that make us feel connected in the big wide world, we can only hope that the future is being built by continuing to stand up for what we believe in.It's been done before, the gathering and distributing of information and knowledge persecuted, books burnt, reading and learning anything besides propaganda in places like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and many others over the past century remind us of this.

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