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Meanwhile, Randy and Catalina ended up as the last two on the car, but Catalina said she did not want to win it for Joy, she wanted to keep it herself.Randy was upset, as he wanted to help Earl with the List.Catalina ended up winning, but when the DJ asked for her Social Security number, he realized that she was an immigrant and she fled. That night Earl saw Connie stealing the car he got for Joy.He went up to her and she said that she had to go to the Indian casino to gamble.As the morning came, they planned to go out and loot, but found that there was no one in any of the streets.Donny worried everyone by saying that the computers had used them for fuel, and they ran back to Donny’s sister’s.One day while Buzz and Joy were at the mall with Dodge and Earl Jr., Earl brought the boys new bikes into the trailer.Inside was Connie, Joy’s mother, standing up – despite the fact that she needed a wheelchair.

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They managed to settle their disagreements by using the Take-a-number machine that Randy was so unwilling to give up in 2006.

However, Randy runs into the store and takes the ticket machine from him, not wanting to part with it.

Earl remembers back to why Randy did not want to part with it; in Christmas 1999 Earl stole presents from a house while Joy, Donny and Randy distracted the family with carols.

Earl then felt that he could cross Joy’s Christmas off his List.

The first Christmas episode is a classic seeing Earl trying redeem himself after all the Christmas’s he ruined for his Ex.

Earl was angered, and when the two arrived back to the trailer they awoke Joy, Buzz and Darnell.

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