Best online dating message template


First messages in online dating that are 100% canned will yield lower results. The ideal solution is a customizable template that is 75% complete before you start.

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You want her to hear, smell, feel, taste, and see what you are talking about.

Now you you want to tell an interesting story tied to one of the interests you just mentioned.

If one of your shared passions is scuba diving you could say: This serves dual purposes.

The subject line and the picture are the only things a person will look at many times. Ideally one that ties into a common interest but that is really just a bonus.

Attractive men and women will have an inbox full of messages with the subject Hey! For example, if you noticed in the older woman’s profile that she likes something (dancing) but is terrible. She is almost guaranteed to at least read your message if only to find out if she actually knows you.

I just got back from a life changing two week scuba retreat in Belize.

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