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Taking to Twitter, viewers praised the singer, with one writing: "Linda Nolan I love your positivity. Thank you." Another added: "As a terminally ill cancer battler myself, I just want to say what a lovely lady Linda Nolan is #metasticbattlers." Linda Nolan was diagnosed with secondary cancer in 2017 During the programme, Linda's sister Coleen Nolan – a regular panellist – asked her about her love life.

Having tragically lost her partner Brian Hudson to skin cancer in 2007, Linda revealed that she has since been "anti dating," but that she wasn’t completely against meeting someone again.

She said: "I am so anti-dating, I had my first kiss last year.

Linda Nolan appeared on Monday's Loose Women where she opened up about her cancer diagnosis while chatting to the panel, including sister Coleen Nolan.Allure editors have appeared as experts on programs such as the Today show and 60 Minutes, and Allure stories frequently receive national attention.Hilary Duff played an Allure intern in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.“Parenthood can be daunting, and when people go through something that makes them afraid, there’s the perception that it’ll be better if there’s someone out there who is also going through it [and] can hold your hand.” The third factor is plain social pressure.“Evolutionarily, our survival depended on being part of a group,” explains Keenan-Miller.When pregnant best friends share similar due dates, it’s offhandedly attributed to coincidence or “something in the water,” but there’s actually a strong sociological explanation for syncing up fertility decisions.D., says basic survival instincts play a major role in fertility decisions among friends, though there is also a practical explanation.Linda was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017 .

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