Battery icon not updating windows 7 Adult local chat sites


I am able to charge and work on battery power for a good period of time but indicator never changes.

Also, when the battery is running on AC power with adaptor plugged in and the battery is in a recharging state it shows a full battery. Hi, First of all, shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter, remove the battery, and then hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.

Infact,it shows the 1/4th of the original time remaining.When i am working on battery power only and I know the battery is discharging the indicator continues to show 100%.After a few hours of working, the laptop just shuts down.Windows tries to estimate the consumption based on various sensors, but it can only do so much with just a few numbers.So, I guess, tldr - time remaining is not an exact science and depends on many many things, so you should treat it as such - an estimate.Whatever u said,is quite true and i understand that.

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