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This property can be accessed from the column smart tag.

The Dev Express editors have corresponding repository items - objects that store main editor properties.

Row Cell Style event to highlight cells with values that are wrong initially, not after an end-user has modified them.

Demos: Data Validation | Validate the active editor's value With the row validation feature, the Data Grid delays checking cell values to the point when a user moves focus to another row.

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To invoke an in-place editor and modify a record, an end-user must double-click a cell or focus it, and press Enter or Space.In the sample below, focus automatically moves to the cell below after an editor for the current cell closes.This allows your end-users to quickly change values of multiple cells that belong to the same column by entering new values and pressing Enter (or Escape).Demos: Inplace Cell Editors | Show buttons in grid cells To modify an in-place editor for a Data Grid column, invoke drop-down menu for the Grid Column.Column Edit property and create a new editor (or choose an existing one).To invoke this form, double-click a grid row at runtime or press the Enter or F2 key.

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