Are you dating the right person

In friendships, it can be the pressure to not make mistakes or let them down.In parent-child relationships, it can be to be the ideal “trophy” child, making a parent happy by living up to unrealistic expectations.After 20 years in the profession of helping people, I have come to understand something: we cause much of our pain by the people we choose.In every kind of clinical issue that psychologists deal with, relationships are a big part of the picture in some way.A relationship is first and foremost about emotional connection.

This is usually because they are emotionally undeveloped in certain areas.

Think about these questions: The last quality we will look at is the ability for significant others to see you as an equal in the relationship.

Difficult relationships often have a dynamic called “one up/one down.” One partner always has to be the boss in the relationship, and is the self-appointed “parent.” They relate to the other primarily in terms of “shoulds,” telling them what they should do and not do.

And being under the control of another person doesn’t lead to intimacy.

When determining if your relationship has equality problems, consider these questions: These character issues help relationships last and grow.

Do they become unreasonable when you refuse to do something?

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