Are jax and stassi still dating


“If this is what makes her happy and she sleeps just fine at night, it’s her life. They were just so unsupportive, saying things like, ‘You need to leave him, he’s a piece of s--t.’” She adds, “It was really hard for Brittany and I think she needed to know that if she wanted to stay with him, I wasn’t going to turn my back on her and that she still had a support system.

As season five continued and the cast of "Vanderpump Rules" prepared for the wedding of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, Stassi Schroeder went on numerous dates with men she'd found online, one of which was seen on the show.

So are Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright still together?

The spinoff show starring the two of them, , premieres this week on Aug.

But then he also decided to prove his commitment to Stassi by having her name tattooed on his arm — after they broke up. Perhaps because Jax has managed to mess up every relationship he's been in previously (at least that we've seen on the show), rumors have been swirling that Jax and Brittany have finally broken things off.

However, the couple maintains that this is nonsense.

We need to let Brittany do what Brittany wants to do.

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