American reality dating tv shows


Year: 2010 - present IMDb rating: 6.4After a period of time in California, unpaid storage lockers can be sold at auctions where potential buyers are given five minutes to look over the contents from a distance before committing to a bid.

This show captures the bizarrely-competitive process while introducing a quirky cast of buyer—ranging from “The Mogul” to “The Vegas Ladies”— all intent on buying the best junk.

” It turns out, lots of controversy and far fewer invitations to the Republican National Convention.

Year: 2013 - 2016IMDb rating: 6.4Hosted by Lewis (Robert Carradine) and Booger (Curtis Armstrong) from the 1984 film “Revenge of the Nerds,” “King of the Nerds” placed a collection of geeks and whiz kids in a house together to compete in trivia and other contests.

This History Channel show follows the rapid, competitive hunting season—only 30 days for gators—and gives a bit of background on the men of this strange world.

Year: 2009 - present IMDb rating: 6.3“Hoarders” is an A&E show that features intensive interventions for people suffering from a hoarding disorder.

Year: 2012 - present IMDb rating: 6.3This A&E show chronicles the life of a heavily bearded family of duck-hunting entrepreneurs in West Monroe, Louisiana.Year: 1989 - present IMDb rating: 6.2The ABC network’s staple, most memorably hosted by Bob Saget, is a clip show of embarrassing videos that are submitted by viewers and set to soundtracks or Saget’s sarcastic lines.At the end, the viewer with the funniest home video wins a cash prize.Year: 2014 - present IMDb rating: 6.4“Alaskan Bush People” follows a naturalist family of nine living in the wilderness.This show, which premiered on Discovery Channel in 2014, asks the question: “What if those eccentric fellas from ‘Duck Dynasty’ lived in the boonies of Alaska instead?The Robertson family's conservatism and faith is a focal point of the show, although patriarch Phil has been embroiled in controversy over the past few years due to a series of aggressively anti-gay remarks.

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