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There is a perception among other teams that Correa, who would likely be at the top of his free-agent class given his age, position and power, is the least likely of the three to sign.

That could give more emotional leverage for Springer, who won't be eligible for free agency until he's 30, and Bregman, who could be in line for a massive deal before he becomes eligible for arbitration in a couple of years in the winter of 2019-20.• Madison Bumgarner: Surrounded by a group of older position players, Bumgarner is 28 and playing for million this year with a million team option for 2019.

Over the next five years, the Giants might see some of the players from the championship years move on.

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First, that teams are more reluctant than ever to invest in long-term contracts for aging players; Blackmon turns 32 in July.Archer is making .4 million this year and .67 million next year, with team options of million and million for the next two seasons.Some teams might work to pry Michael Fulmer away from the rebuilding Tigers, and a surprise collapse of a contending team could make a few pitchers available, but, generally, execs say they don’t anticipate finding much help.Friends of Arenado say he burns to win and that will drive the decision of which team will be his next employer.For the sake of stability -- in the face of the Arenado uncertainty -- it made sense for the Rockies to go above and beyond to keep Blackmon.Second, rival evaluators have viewed Rockies hitters warily in the free-agent market because they suspect outsized offensive production is rooted in their hitting at mile-high altitude rather than their skills -- just ask Carlos Gonzalez, who had to settle for a one-year deal to go back to Colorado.

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