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Human observers have always been amazed by cyclic patterns in their surroundings--phases of the moon, the four seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides--but perhaps none has piqued the imagination as much as the unfailing arrival of birds in spring and their equally predictable departure each fall. I've been studying ruby-throats--the only breeding hummingbird in the eastern U. In those ten years, I've captured in nets or pull-string traps a total of 1,190 hummers and have placed on their legs aluminum bands supplied by the U. in late summer or early fall, but I do know that none of my hummers over winter around York.

This evidence that "our" hummingbirds go south for the winter is largely circumstantial, but it's also very convincing; no one has ever actually reported a banded Ruby-throated Hummingbird in Central America, but we assume that's where they go.

However, no one knows where the wintering populations in the tropics actually spent their previous breeding season; likewise, we don't know if Pennsylvania populations of ruby-throats might go to a different wintering site than their conspecifics from Tennessee or Michigan.

It's not surprising that of all the ruby-throats that have been banded through the years by North American banders, very few were ever recovered.

When any bird dies, it is probably consumed quickly by natural scavengers; because of its small size, a fallen hummingbird particularly might be overlooked by human observers.

One Ruby-throated Hummingbird I banded at York in 1987 was found dead by Ron Williams at Clover SC, the following spring.

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