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Which of the magazines in Question 5 is the most popular? • What sort of newspapers or magazines are the people reading? • Do you read sports/gossip/fashion/computer/ music magazines? • the Past Simple Passive with was/were and the Past Participle. Organisers in the USA, UK, France, Brazil and Spanish-speaking countries believe that over 300 million people have taken part in the turn-off, with millions participating each year. ‘We often watch shocking TV pictures of wars, social problems or famine, but we often don’t understand why these problems started.’ Campaigners also say that watching TV is a passive activity. But what do anti-TV campaigners recommend instead of TV entertainment?

The five most popular newspapers in the world are all sold in the same country — which one? When were the first photographs printed in a newspaper? Which of these international magazines has been published for the longest time? 1 In pairs, look at the photo and answer the questions. • We use the Passive when we are more interested in the action than the person who does it. 4 Look at the underlined verbs in sentences 1-3 in Exercise 3 and complete the rules with the words below. Since then, every year during the last week in April people are invited to turn off their TVs for a week and to ‘turn on life’ — to do something useful instead of just sitting and passively watching TV. Doesn’t TV news tell us more about what is happening in the world than any other type of media? ‘Television is hopeless at explaining the reasons behind the news,’ they argue.

5 Find three key phrases which helped you understand the main idea in the recording.

• Get together in groups of four and discuss the statement. Will you take part in it and find out the wide range of possibilities open to you when television is not a part of your life? Ask an older family member to tell you a story about his or her childhood. Which ones do you often/sometimes/ never listen to? 3 Make a list of key words which helped you decide what kind of programme you listened to. 1 In pairs, look at the photo and answer the questions.

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