A city dating back to 7500 bc


These ruins are some of ancient Jericho's oldest ruins.

The walls predate the Egyptian pyramids by 4,000 years.

The floor was made of a mud layer topped by a layer of lime. The walls were just over a foot and a half thick (1/2m). Small statues were created using sun-baked mud, and these possessed a religious implication.

On top of this, they put a layer of soft lime, either dyed red or light blue, then polished the floor to attain a new gleam. Fertility goddess worship may be indicated by female statues. Click on the above link to give us your insights, thoughts, comments, and questions!

As the An-Natifiyyun progressed, they diversified their economy.

Agriculture was still the mainstay of the way of life in ancient Jericho.

As their economy progressed, they used these canals to irrigate their fields.

They used stone mortars with handles to grind the seeds. Others lived in primitive villages, excelling in architecture.Within these walls they erected a massive tower, 29.53 feet (9m) in diameter, and 32.1 feet (10m) in height.A staircase lead from the top of the tower to the town below.It is important to keep in mind when studying ancient people and places that dates are oftentimes points of contention among the particular scholars of that topic.One just needs to do slight research to see that dates from one archaeologist may vary by hundreds, or even thousands of years from another archaeologist. In part, this is due to the improved dating technology from one excavation to the next, yet, this is not always the case.Over the course of time they learned how to make sun-dried bricks, and began to build more substantial dwellings.

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