3 reasons why online dating is bad

Being in close proximity with your partner all the time can kill your relationship, a lot of their little quirks will get on your nerves. Ending it amicably Being professional about your relationship and handling it in a mature way is the best thing you do. Well first of all be civil, you may see you ex date someone new or even any one of your friends at work, now that might be a little awkward, so be respectful.

The thrill and passion of the relationship soon dies and the emotions simply fade. If you’ve had a heated argument about something, well that is bound to rear its ugly head at work, one of you might end up yelling at the other, or blurting it all out in front of everyone.

A limited office space can be a potentially disastrous place to get attracted to a male or female coworker, and more so since everyone’s involved in everyone else’s business, So don’t expect any privacy with your partner, if you’re trying to sit down and have a quiet lunch with him/her, you can always expect to be disturbed by your coworkers, most of whom are always eager to know what is going on.

If you break up, forget about ducking your ex in the hallway, you’ll bump into them some way or the other, there’s no escaping that, until of course you decide to leave work. Work Competition This is one of the main reasons why office romances go wrong.

A new romance brings in a sense of danger, excitement, having your own secret.

You’ve found someone you like, who shares your views and interests and bam, there’s someone new everyone keeps talking about.

Then there’s the flirting, everyone flirts at work, its common, it seems harmless and funny, but that might end up annoying your other half. You’re in a bind, it will definitely make your partner uncomfortable and even if they say it doesn’t matter, be prepared to go home and get a good talking to about it.

Suppose your ex turns out to a psychotic maniac, suppose they file a claim with human resources about something harmless you might have done, just to get revenge?

If your relationship ends on a bad note, your ex might claim you were making unwanted advances?

It may be exciting in the beginning but if that begins to happen regularly, it gets annoying.

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