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We just had to be innovative, it’s not because we wanted to be. Piperal said that this time was about “redefining the whole government”, she added that it wasn’t about putting PDFs on a web page, it was about understanding service delivery.

And because we couldn’t afford the Microsofts, Ciscos and Accentures, at the time we could only use local companies. Piperal said that Estonia believes that government should be invisible and that using technology provided by government shouldn’t require intense internet/web based skills.

But everything else, applying for a driving licence, naming your baby, applying for social benefits, you can get all of that through one single state portal.

Once you offer people services and benefits, and there is no need to queue somewhere or pay additional fees, maybe they will reconsider having some state issued digital identify.” [For example] when it comes to tax declarations, 95% of all our tax declarations are submitted online in the first two weeks.

To establish a company in Estonia, it takes 18 minutes.

We don’t have lower expectations, we don’t have less checks.

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However, the e-ID commitment shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When I just arrived here at Gatwick, [I realised] my driving licence had expired.

I logged onto the Estonia registry portal, with my mobile ID and in 2 minutes I could renew my driving licence and order that to my home address.

Some of Estonia’s core principles include asking for information online once, having services available 24/7, being digital by default, using open platforms to enable new institutions to be build by attaching to data exchange layers, and user friendliness.

She said: We have 99% of all state services available online and people are actually really happy about it.

And that’s largely because of the fact that Estonia had to start from scratch – it was forced to form a new state and the most logical way to do this was with an e-identity system and digital transactions.

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